GreenWorks has been involved in solar energy research and development since 2008. In its commercial solar development, GreenWorks partners with Solar Renewable Energy, LLC, of Mechanicsburg, PA, a CPA-driven commercial solar development company. Together, GWD and SRE offer innovative, cost-effective solar solutions to their customers.

Non-Profit Customers

With innovative financial structures, GWD and SRE develop solar projects for non-profit entities that generate significant positive cash flow, lock in their electricity cost for a 40-year period, and enable them to market their environmental leadership, all with no out-of-pocket investment on the part of the non-profit. Entities such as:

  • School districts
  • Colleges and universities
  • Trade schools
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Water and sewer authorities

For-Profit Customers

With appropriate tax, incentive and finance structures, GWD and SRE construct solar projects that allow for-profit customers to realize year-1 cash returns of over 100% on 75%-leveraged solar project purchases. Typical returns in years 2-40 are usually in excess of 5% annually.

Ground Mount Array

Tamaqua Area School District Solar Array, Tamaqua, PA

A 2.5 MW solar array on 6.25 acres was completed in November, 2020 at the Tamaqua Area School District. The array powers 100% of the district’s electricity needs and will yield $8.5 million in savings over the next 40 years.

Roof Mount Array

Commonwealth Charter Academy, Harrisburg, PA

Commonwealth Charter Academy is the second largest cyber charter school in Pennsylvania. The 389 MW array on its roof powers roughly 30% of the building’s electricity requirements.

Floating Array

Sayreville Water Authority, Sayreville, NJ

The Sayreville Water Authority solar array is the largest floating array in the US, and the ninth largest in the world. The 4.4 MW array covers 11 acres, and helps control algae while it generates electricity.