Since 2005, GreenWorks has been involved in the comprehensive redevelopment of a nine-block area of Midtown Harrisburg to help spur the revitalization of the city. Renewable energy systems and educational initiatives are key pieces of the redevelopment effort. To date, over 200,000 square feet of space has been either fully rehabilitated or built new.

Because of GreenWorks’ and other efforts, Midtown has become a very visible story in the Central Pennsylvania region. The area has developed an extensive pallet of amenities in the last decade, including the Millworks, the Susquehanna Art Museum, the Midtown Scholar Bookstore, Yellow Bird Café, Midtown Cinema, and Zero Day Brewing. Five blocks north of the Pennsylvania State Capitol, the area is becoming the live-work-play-and-learn community that GreenWorks had originally planned in 2005.

Campus Square Building

The GreenWorks Campus Square Building was built in 2008 on the site of a former gas station. The 70,000-square-foot building is LEED Gold certified. A geothermal system consisting of 48 wells, each 400 feet deep, heats and cools the building, and solar on its roof provides 31% of the building’s electricity.

A 42-kW array was installed on the building when it was built in 2008. That array, using the technology at the time, cost $392,000. An additional 48 kW array was installed in 2019 and cost $92,000, a nearly 80% decrease in cost-per-watt over ten years. Together, the arrays power over 30% of the building’s electricity needs.


Suites from 1,189 to 11,653 square feet are available in the building.

For more information, call 717.514.0751.

Fulton Bank Building

The Fulton Bank Building at Third and Reily Streets is fully restored as commercial office space. Suites feature exposed brick and glass interior walls.


The second-floor suite in the building is available at 2,505 square feet.

For more information, call 717.514.0751.

Midtown II Academic Building

Originally built in 1918, the Midtown II Academic Building was fully restored in 2006 including a new roof, new electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, new windows, and a complete interior rehabilitation. The building features 130,000 square feet of academic space. In the fall of 2020, the building will be the new home of the PA STEAM Academy, a new bricks-and-mortar K-8 charter school which is described in the Educational Development section of this site.