Businesses can take advantage of a significant opportunity to reduce their energy costs, insulate themselves from conventional energy inflation and market their sustainability by installing solar. With federal, state and utility incentives available now, business can see first-year returns of over 100% on leveraged investments in solar energy systems.

USDA Rural Energy Assistance Program (REAP) grants of up to 40% of total project cost may also be available for businesses in qualified locations. A map showing eligible locations is available here.


Freysinger Auto Group Mechanicsburg, PA

A 295 kW pair of rooftop solar arrays for two adjacent dealerships.
An $83,000 utility rebate, $100,000 USDA REAP grant, and 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit helped Freysinger reduce the initial $506,000 cost of its solar installation to under $75,000.


Troeg’s Brewing Hershey, PA

A 683 kW rooftop solar array.
Troeg’s Brewing was able to lower its electricity cost while it generated significant awareness of its brand bymarketing its solar initiative.