Pennsylvania farmers have a significant opportunity to add solar to their farms without losing the ability to graze or grow crops. Agrisolar is the combination of ground-mounted solar with farming, and GreenWorks/SRE Renewables works with farmers to add solar to their land thoughtfully to make it work with their existing agricultural use and add significant additional annual income to the farm.

GreenWorks/SRE will install arrays as small as 4 acres to allow farms to experiment with agrisolar.

Our standard ground mounted array geometry is ideal for sheep and small animal grazing and can add as much as $2,500/acre/year to a farm’s income.

A 7-foot minimum height array is good for cattle and low crops and can add up to $1,750/acre/year.

Call Doug Neidich at 717.514.0751 to discuss solar for your farm.

A 9-foot minimum height array will accommodate higher equipment and can add up to $1,500/acre/year to a farm’s income.